Providing WiFi Internet Service to Walker, Arizona

· 10x Faster Web Page Loading than Satellite or Verizon

· No Download Limits      · Covering Most of Walker

· 2 Tiers of Service Starting at $50 per Month

• 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee (No-Risk)

· Summer 8-Month Plan Available

· Locally Owned Business

Our Monthly subscription plans:

·         Tier 2 = 1.5mb/s download and .512mb/s upload is $50/mo.
This service will be good for online gaming, casual video streaming such as YouTube and occasional Netflix.

·         Tier 3 = 3.0mb/s download and 1.0mb/s upload is $70/mo.
This is our premier service which is good for multiple users in the household and frequent video streaming (Netflix).

Installation cost is $250 which includes the Walker WiFi receiver unit and installation.  We can connect to your existing WiFi router or can provide one including set-up for $75.  The receiver unit is 8” x 8” which is typically mounted on your house facing the repeater site.

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